Water Fountains -  Granite or Marble Spheres

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From 12 inches to 6 feet in diameter and ranging between 200 lbs - 20,000 lbs, these stone spheres appear to float on water as they spin effortlessly on their stone bases as water flows from beneath. The interactive spheres respond to the softest touch. Soothing water sound and motion create an awe-inspiring experience, considered by many to be among the world's most memorable fountains. Ideal for placement in commercial or residential locations, both indoor and outdoor. These fountains have been featured as a focal point of interest in office buildings, shopping centers, spas, country clubs, parks, museums, airports, libraries, golf courses and restaurants.

A multitude of styles and shapes are available for bases and containers, including self-contained fountains. A world map can be added to the stone sphere to create a giant globe water fountain. Laser engraving and customization including logos, sports balls, world continents, or other designs is possible. Please e-mail to inquire.


Diameter Price (Standard) Weight of Sphere Weight of Base
16" $5,500.00 215 lbs 450 lbs
20" $9,500.00 420 lbs 900 lbs
> 24" $16,500.00 730 lbs  1,500 lbs 
> 28" $19,500.00 1,170 lbs  2,500 lbs 
> 36" $27,500.00 2,420 lbs  4,500 lbs 
> 40" $31,500.00      
> 48" $47,500.00 5,750 lbs  8,500 lbs 
> 60" $75,000.00 12,000 lbs   
> 72" $90,000.00 20,000 lbs   


Shipping & crating is additional. Production time is generally 6-10 weeks. On-site installation is also available. E-mail quote requests to: