Gazing Globes

Mirror Polished Gazing Balls

Mirror polished spheres made of high grade #304 stainless steel. Durable 0.8mm to 1mm wall thickness. A truly stunning addition to your lawn, garden or patio. Gazing globes in sizes from 10" to 30" are in stock for immediate shipment.

Made from durable stainless steel, our gazing balls offer the reflective qualities of glass, without the risk of breakage on the floor or in your garden. Each stainless steel garden globe features a polished mirror finish. Suitable for indoor or outdoor display by themselves, or incorporated into a more elaborate installation, these high quality garden balls are sure to deliver a stunning visual impact.

Smaller size stainless steel spheres (Gazing Balls) in 8"-30" diameters are available for immediate shipment. All of our stock gazing globes are made from a durable 304 stainless which will endure nearly any weather, and keep the mirror polished sphere gleaming and free of corrosion for years to come.

We are capable of producing custom giant stainless steel spheres to almost any size matching your specification. Hollow metal spheres in sizes up to 84 inches in diameter are available with a wall thickness of up to 5mm.

A custom stainless steel ball can be produced with a wall thickness from 1mm up to 5mm. Our giant reflective stainless steel globes feature a high quality mirror polished finish and are constructed from durable #304 grade stainless steel. We can also offer these giant steel balls in an AISI #316 stainless steel alloy if your project calls for a material with a higher resistance to corrosion for use in marine environments. These giant stainless steel spheres are perfect for architectural and landscape design projects or use in public sculptures.