22" Stainless Steel Sphere - Garden Gazing Ball


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The large 22” gazing balls, or garden globes, are a high quality stainless steel sphere that has the reflective qualities of glass, but with the durability of high grade steel. This 22 inch mirrored hollow metal sphere is ideal for decorating your garden, lawn areas, and along pathways of your yard. Use these large shiny stainless steel spheres for creating stunning modern architectural and landscape design projects. 

  • High quality #304 grade stainless steel alloy
  • 0.8mm wall thickness
  • Mirror polished finish resulting in a highly reflective metal sphere
  • Large hollow steel ball made of corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Will endure nearly any weather conditions, the mirror polished finish will be gleaming and corrosion free for years to come

The stainless steel mirror balls are perfect for both indoor display as well as outdoor landscaping projects. Stainless steel spheres are sure to have a spectacular visual impact when incorporated into your next design project.