Custom Stainless Steel Spheres

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We are capable of producing giant stainless steel spheres to almost any size matching your specification. Hollow metal spheres in sizes from 36" to 84" in diameter are available with a wall thickness of up to 5mm.

A custom stainless steel ball can be produced with a wall thickness from 1mm up to 5mm in thickness. Our giant reflective stainless steel globes feature a high quality mirror polished finish and are constructed from durable #304 grade stainless steel. We can also offer these giant steel balls in an AISI #316 stainless steel alloy if your project calls for a material with a higher resistance to corrosion. These giant stainless steel spheres are perfect for architectural and landscape design projects or use in public sculptures.

The largest available sphere diameter that can be shipped by conventional freight is 7 feet which can be ordered by contacting us for quote. Larger sizes can be produced, though special shipping options are required. Custom fabrication of virtually any size sphere is possible. There is a $1,500.00 minimum order requirement for custom stainless steel spheres.

If you have a project that requires a stainless steel sphere for use as a water feature in a fountain we are also capable of fabricating a water feature option for custom spheres. Continents can be added to create a stainless steel world globe. Sandblasting of your custom artwork is also available on the outer surface of the stainless spheres.

Please email or call for a quotation on your specific project. Delivery of custom stainless spheres is typically 6-8 weeks.

We do stock stainless steel spheres in sizes ranging from 8" to 30" in diameter.