George F. Cram - Globe and Map Maker Since 1867

Cram's mission -- to provide quality geographical products to consumers and educators around the world has earned them the respect they deserve in the industry. The Cram globe and map products meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and editorial quality & are considered the standard that other educational globe and map products are compared against. Cram views its end customers as part of an extended family on a common mission of conducting business in the most pleasant, honest and efficient manner possible.

The history of the George F. Cram Company spans over 130 years. During that time, the company has always believed in honesty and fair treatment. It is their passion to continue to employ these virtues as they continue to lead the industry with products that represent the highest levels of quality and innovation.

Every world that Cram creates is designed to enhance the world for the person who uses it. For businesses, homes and schools, as reference tools or decorative accessories, the Cram globe and map products -- "worlds of imagination" -- have appeal without boundaries. Cram is passionate about and proud of the products they produce, which is evident in every globe and map product they ship.

UPDATE:  As of the beginning of 2012, the George F. Cram company's operations have been shut down & all products have been discontinued at this time. This page remains available for informational reference only.

Globes made by George F. Cram

The Lehigh Floor Globe
The Lewis Floor Globe
The Lawson Floor Globe
The Summit Floor Globe
The Gainesville Floor Globe
The Library Floor Globe
The Amhuerst Floor Globe
The Asbury Illuminated Floor Globe
The Asbury non-illuminated Floor Globe     
The Fairfield Desk Globe
The Tulane Desk Globe
The Newport Desk Globe
The Huron Desk Globe
The Hampton Desk Globe
The Newman Desk Globe
The Marshall Desk Globe
The Captain Desk Globe
The Mansfield Illuminated Desk Globe
The Newfield Illuminated Desk Globe
The Newberry Illuminated Desk Globe
The Newhaven Desk Globe
The Gazetteer Desk Globe
The Lisbon Desk Globe
The Dublin Illuminated Desk Globe
The Modern Antique Desk Globe
The Fairmont with Atlas
The Fielding with Drawer
Animals of the World Globe
The Newburg Illuminated Desk Globe
The Hastings Illuminated Desk Globe
The Newcastle Desk Globe     The Sunlit World Globe
The 16" Starter Political Globe
The Trinity Desk Globe
The Tiffin Political Desk Globe
The Taylor Physical/Political Desk Globe
The Madison Political Desk Globe
The "Sixteen" Classroom Desk Globe
The Monmouth Physical Desk Globe
The Discovery World Globe