GIANT GLOBES for Public Display
"Interested in attracting thousands?  Express your 'global position' with impact."

Steel Globe Sculptures
 Steel Globe Sculptures
Available in numerous finishes
Stainless Steel & COR-TEN Steel Available
up to 30'+ feet in diameter

Custom Stainless Steel Spheres
Stainless Steel Spheres
Hollow metal spheres in most any size.

Custom Public Display Globes
Custom Globes
for Public or Private Display


Metal Globes - Fantastic Aluminum Spheres
Metal Globes
Fantastic openwork, aluminum spheres

Giant Globe Balloons - Giant Display Globes
Giant Globe Balloons
Our most affordable giant globes.

custom raised relief globes
Custom Raised-Relief Globes

Metal Wall Map Murals
Metal  Murals
10' x 5'  Indoor or Outdoor

Display Globe Alternatives - Inflatable Globes

Display Globe Alternatives
Affordable alternatives for your event or project.

 Custom Stone Sphereical Water Fountains
Spherical Stone Water Fountains
Available w/ World Continents

Planetary Models & Replicas
Planetary Models & Replicas

Custom Acrylic Globes - Satellite Image Globes
Custom Acrylic Globes
Hard surface globes in many sizes

Solid Bronze Globe Sculptures
Solid Bronze Globes
3' and 5' diameter

Giant NASA Satellite Imagery Air Supported World Globes
Giant NASA Satellite Imagery World Globes
Durable, portable, satellite imagery,
up to 30' diameter.

Air-Supported spheres w/ highly detailed satellite imagery

Digitally printed PVC or nylon helium balloons

Air-supported spheres featuring highly detailed satellite imagery, complete with topographic shading and ocean bottom texturing, these Earth globes can be additionally customized with atmospheric cloud-forms and/or geophysical, historical, political, or corporate information as desired. Guaranteed to be the most authentic Earth globes available anywhere, these are most suitable for special event and new product promotions, museum exhibits and tradeshow displays. They can be floated with helium and tethered in the sky as a unique advertising medium or mounted indoors with a silent gear motor providing variable speed rotation for an incredibly realistic installation.


Solid surface globes.  Endless possibilities for your global organization.  Custom acrylic spheres up to 6' diameter.  Add your logo or message.
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Affordable options.  Digitally printed on PVC or nylon, helium filled balloons make a giant impact for a surprisingly low price.  Your logo or message can be included.   Custom quotes are available upon request.

Observe the changing pattern of sunlight falling over each hemisphere of this fascinating globe.  Beautifully illustrating night and day, as well as the inclination of the Earth as the seasons pass, this globe is suitable for public display in libraries, museums, reception areas, etc..  Children and adults alike are mesmerized by the effect of viewing the earth in 3-D, as it appears to "float", spinning from light to darkness, gradually changing its tilt.  Based on an astronomically true formula, the globe allows you to observe one year in six minutes.  A most affordable display globe at $1450.00


Interested in attracting thousands???

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