Custom Hand-crafted Wooden Globes

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This beautiful wooden globe truly is one of a kind. USA based inventor and wood crafter has developed a unique process to create a handsome globe made entirely from wood. The painstaking process involves shaping hundreds of individual pieces of wood, and assembling together to form this striking Earth globe design. Each intricate shape is meticulously hand-crafted and assembled in the US, to create this awe-inspiring representation of our planet. In the pictured example, the base sphere representing the oceans was crafted from over 150 pieces of ebonized, quarter-sawn red oak. Countries and individual US states were cut from a variety of wood types, specifically selected for their contrasting colors, and carefully cut to form crisp country and state boundary lines. Over 30 different types of wood were used to create the globe. No stains or dyes were applied to the woods, leaving the natural beauty of each species of wood used. In this example the continental shapes are epoxied to the base sphere & are raised from the ocean surface, resulting in prominent focus on the intricate work of the inlaid landmasses. The entire assembly sits upon a walnut base that holds a steel axle 'inclination mount' to enable movement of the globe on axis & an unobstructed view of the entire sphere. This particular example measures approximately 18" in diameter and stands about 24" high. Pricing for this example is $5000 & many custom options are also available. Available options include (but are not limited to): Custom wood selection Flush inlaid landmasses, or raised as in our example Custom sizing up to around 32" diameter Custom finishing available Customized base design Contact us to inquire about comissioning a custom-made wooden globe.