Bimbi Coloring Globe
Dry Erase Markable Globe w/ Animals of the World

The Bimbi coloring globe provides children with a unique and fun hands on geography learning experience. A dry-erase markable surface allows children to color in individual countries and U.S. states using the set of 8 dry-erase markers included with the globe. An excellent way for kids to become familiar with the countries of the world. Colorful illustrations of animals from around the world draw in the child's attention and retain interest. The globe features white continents with political boundaries outlined and countries as well as continents labeled.

This durable heavy-weight globe sits on a square solid wood base with a smooth blue lacquered finish. The globe sits unattached to the base so it can be picked up and held in ones hands.   

Made in Italy.

Diameter:  12"
Height:  14"
Base: 12" x 12"
Ship Weight:  20 lbs.

ITEM#:  Z912
PRICE:  $299.00
ON SALE: $199.00


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Name: The Bimbi Coloring Desk Globe
Globe Type: 12" Dry-erase laminated surface
Base: Solid wood with blue lacquer finish
Meridian: None, freestanding globe
Color: Blue ocean
Illuminated: No
Raised Relief: No
Special: Hand-made globe, imported from Italy
Pros: Provides a great early learning experience for children. Perfect for preparing your child for later education.
1-World comment: A fun and interesting hands on activity globe providing a unique geography learning experience.

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