The Intelliglobe II 12" Talking Desk Globe

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Brand new edition of the best-selling interactive globe in the U.S.! The Intelliglobe II is a fun, fully interactive teaching tool. Use the wireless Intellipen to touch locations on the globe and learn basic information, fun facts, play games, and more! The Intelliglobe II features a sturdy, yet lightweight construction that ensures the fun will grow with your child for years to come.

Package includes:

  • Intelliglobe II 12” Interactive World Desk Globe Intellipen (required to use interactive features)
  • 60-page World Discovery Book
  • USB Charging Cable

Intelliglobe II Features:

  • Explore:
    • Use your Intellipen to touch one of the many of the Explore features on the globe’s base, such as “Geography,” “Climate,” or “Animals.” Use your Intellipen to touch a location on the globe, and the Intellipen audibly tells you the corresponding information about that location.
  • Trivia Challenge:

    • Play the Intelliglobe II Trivia Challenge! Use your Intellipen to touch “Trivia” on the base of the globe. Select one of three skill levels. Answer trivia questions by touching your Intellipen on the correct location on the globe. Can you get a perfect score?
  • Multiple Choice:

    • Use your Intellipen to touch “Multiple Choice” with the globe’s base. Select one of three skill levels. Your Intellipen will ask you geography and ecology-related questions with 4 answers to choose from. Try to guess the correct answer! Find: How well do you know your geography? Using the Find game, you’ll find out! Using your Intellipen, touch “Find.” Your Intellipen will ask you to locate locations on your globe, such as a country, a city, or a physical feature. Put your knowledge to the test!

Diameter: 12"
Height: 18.5"
Weight: 3 lbs
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
ITEM# 39870