The Premier 12" Globe with Rand McNally Atlas

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This useful combination offers the "best of both worlds". The stand is home for a hardbound Rand McNally World Atlas, and the 12" diameter Replogle world globe rests in a calibrated brass full-meridian fixed at the correct 23.5 of tilt of our earth. The dark wood grain base enhances the Premier's rich appearance.

Many of us are aware that spherical world globes are still the only way to visualize the true geographical relationships between regions, as all maps are distorted in some way or another. An atlas is the perfect companion to the world globe when a more detailed map of a smaller area is desired. The combination of the world globe and detailed atlas makes this a complete geographical reference suite.

The current, highly detailed political globe is appointed with parchment colored antique oceans, and an earth-toned palette. Globe is colored with soft shaded borders, which is another visually appealing tribute to early map making. Reference details on the globe include around 4000 place name labels, raised relief mountains, latitude and longitude lines at 15 increments, equator and prime meridian shown, as well as tropical regions and other informative details.

Globe ball is made from 100% reclaimed paperfiber.

Purchase of this globe also qualifies for the factory-direct updatable globe program, which entitles the buyer to obtain a replacement, updated globe when needed, for a significantly reduced price. This ensures the globe can maintain its accuracy throughout changes in our political world for years to come.

Globe Diameter: 12"
Height: 18"
Weight: 19 lbs
Item#: 31625

THIS GLOBE IS UPDATABLE!!! The world does change from time to time. Replogle wants to help you keep your globe as up-to-date and accurate as the day you bought it. As a Replogle globe owner, you are eligible for 50% off the retail value of a new globe ball or ball and ring through Replogle's Updatable Globe Program. Factory provided information explaining how to participate will arrive with your Replogle globe.