Acrylic World Globes

Technical expertise and a commitment to quality are hallmarks of the Artline globe series. Using heat and air pressure only, similar to crystal blowing techniques, the craftsmen create near optical perfection in the formation of these fine world globes. Each Artline world globe is an individually made, hand-crafted acrylic sphere. Over 40 different hand operations are needed to complete each globe. These acrylic world globes are available in desktop versions in 8 or 12 inches in diameter as well as 30" diameter floor standing models.

the Onyx Earthsphere - Acrylic Desk Globe
The Onyx Earthsphere
World Globes

Silver Earthsphere
World Globes
Blue Pearl Earthsphere Acrylic Desk Globe
Blue Pearl Earthsphere
World Globes

Crystle Earthsphere - Acrylic Desk Globes
Crystle Earthsphere
World Globes

Burgundy Earthsphere
World Globes
Also Available
Custom Acrylic Globes

Custom Acrylic Display Globes

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