The PhysioSphere
14" Crystal Desk Globe from Columbus Globes

Columbus Globes 14" Illuminated Free Stand Globe. This incredible globe features a hand blown crystal globe ball that sits in a solid hardwood base with beautiful cherry finish. The exquisitely detailed, photo realistic cartography is remarkable and must be seen in person to be truly appreciated. The amazing dual image technology allows you to view crisp political borders in contrasting colors when the globe is illuminated and rich, physical features when turned off. The map used for this globe is hand positioned over crystal spheres and features the most up to date political data available complemented by stunning visual relief of the mountains and ocean floor. This particular globe design is intended as more of a decorative piece of stunning visual art as this globe sits static in its wooden base. It is however removable from the base and is perfect for the individual who would like to hold the Earth in their hands.

Diameter: 14" (34 cm)
Height: 16" (40 cm)
Weight: 12 lbs.

ITEM#: #RW-213423
PRICE:  $499.00


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16" PhysioSphere Crystal Desk Globe by Columbus
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Please Note: This globe features an optional power supply (included) that attaches directly to the south pole and is visible when the globe sits in its base.
Name: The PhysioSphere 14" Illuminated Desk Globe
Globe Type: 14" Physical/Political Desk Globe
Globe Ball: Crystal glass, mouth-blown
Base: Round solid hardwood w/ cherry finish
Meridian: None - Freestanding Globe
Color: Blue Ocean
Illuminated: Yes
Raised Relief: No
Cartography: Columbus Duorama Series
Special: Mouth blown crystal globe ball features exquisite photo realistic cartography. Dual image technology has been incorporated to show  political borders in contrasting colors when illuminated and physical features when not lit. Very realistic cartography, looks like a satellite image globe.
Pros: A true masterpiece created  through the collaboration of skilled artists in the areas of glassblowing, cartography, and modern design.
1-World comment: Nice illuminated globe from Columbus

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