The Land and Ocean Globe

This Hydrographic Relief Globe is actually a model of the Earth with the land areas raised to show the mountains, plains, and valleys. The ocean surface is represented by clear plastic through which may be seen the continental shelf, basins, ridges, and trenches that comprise the ocean floor. The Ice Cap in the Arctic Ocean is shown by a textured surface through which may be seen the ridges and basins. The continents are named on the globe as well as the oceans, major ocean basins, ridges, and currents.

The height of the mountains and depth of the oceans has been exaggerated on the globe in order to make the differences in elevation apparent. If there were no exaggeration, the highest mountain in the world would stand only as high as a piece of ordinary paper. The vertical exaggeration is 40 to 1. As a result of the vertical exaggeration, some slope angles appear much steeper than they really are.

Students discover the intricate patterns of land and water, covering the Earth with this 12" diameter globe.  Details of land masses and bodies of water are depicted in 3-D raised relief.  Ocean sections are covered by clear plastic representing ocean surface.  Names of oceans, seas, currents, deep-sea ridges and basins are visible through plastic covering.  Illustrated Teacher's Guide included.  Grades 6-12.

Diameter: 12"
Weight: 4 lbs.

Item#:  HS600 
Price:  $179.00

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Name: The Land and Ocean Globe
Globe Type: 12" Physical/Bathymetric World Globe
Base: Plastic display stand, not attached to globe
Meridian: No meridian
Color: Blue ocean, cream continents
Illuminated: No
Raised Relief: Yes, raised and indented relief
Special: Clear plastic represents the oceans' surface, while still allowing you to view and study the under-ocean features. An unusual scientific research item.
Pros: Helps visualize plate tectonics, continental drift, ring of fire, etc.
Cons: No political map information (i.e. no city or country labels)
1-World comment: So much to explore under the ocean surface!