Gazing Globes - Stainless Steel Spheres from 8" to 48" in Diameter

Made from durable stainless steel, our gazing globes offer the reflective qualities of glass, without the risk of breakage on the floor or in your garden. Each stainless steel gazing ball features a polished mirror finish. Suitable for indoor or outdoor display by themselves, or incorporated into a more elaborate installation, these high quality gazing globes are sure to deliver a stunning visual impact. View the table below for our entire selection of stock stainless steel gazing globes.

Item# Description Weight Ship Weight Price Order Below
ECSS8     8" Gazing Globe 1.5 lbs 4 lbs $40.00 add to basket
ECSS10   10" Gazing Globe 3 lbs  5 lbs  $55.00 add to basket
ECSS12   12" Gazing Globe 3.5 lbs  6 lbs  $80.00 add to basket
ECSS14   14" Gazing Globe 5 lbs  12 lbs  $150.00 add to basket
ECSS16   16" Gazing Globe 6 lbs  20 lbs  $240.00 add to basket
ECSS20   20" Gazing Globe 7 lbs  35 lbs  $399.00 add to basket
ECSS22   22" Gazing Globe 9 lbs  50 lbs  $525.00 CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
GPD-SS30   30" Gazing Globe 40 lbs  150 lbs  $1,250.00  add to basket
GPD-SS36   36" Gazing Globe 48 lbs 175 lbs $1,900.00  add to basket
GPD-SS48   48" Gazing Globe 116 lbs 260 lbs $3,300.00  add to basket

Gazing Globe Stands
Gazing Globe Stands

6 Foot Stainless Steel Sphere
Giant 6.25' Gazing Globe

Size: 1.9 Meter (Approx. 6.25') Diameter
2mm Wall Thickness
Weight: 350 (lbs)

Approximate Price: $9,700.00

*Special Order, Delivery is 6-8 weeks.
Please call or e-mail for quote

Giant Custom Stainless Steel Spheres

Gigantic Stainless Steel Spheres

Custom Stainless Steel Spheres up to 84"+ in diameter

installation incorporating gazing globes
Recent installation completed by Janis Leonard Design Group at Scottsdale's trendy hotspot AZ88.
Project incorporates 7 20" diameter gazing globes.