The GEO One 25" Extreme Raised Relief Classroom Floor Globe


This item has been discontinued and is no longer available

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This 25" diameter globe is produced from vacuum formed vinyl and features the most impressive raised relief detail to be found on a production globe. Landmasses as well as physical oceanic features are depicted using exaggerated relief that illustrates the world highest peaks at over an inch in height. Such accurate detail makes this globe ideal for classroom use as an excellent aid to students learning both geology and oceanography.

The globe is perfectly suited for both educational and research institutions alike with its adjustable chrome plated steel stand on heavy duty casters. Swing meridian style mounting allows you to not only spin the globe a full 360 but easily tilt it allowing full view of the South Pole. To get an idea of the level of detail and scale of relief this globe features rollover the thumbnail images below. This is a truly unique globe for those seeking a model of the Earth that features in depth topographic and bathymetric data represented in 3-dimensional raised relief.

Diameter: 25"
Adjustable Height: 47" - 51"
Scale: 1:20,000,000
Ship Weight: 160 lbs. (ships oversize)

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