The Allanson 12" Raised Relief Desk Globe from National Geographic

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A one of a kind styling is evident with the Allanson desktop globe. The classic look of parchment toned oceans and National Geographic cartography are combined with a unique antique plated base that features raised continents of the Northern Hemisphere, latitude/longitude markings as well as official National Geographic logo.

Globe details include over 4,000 place names, countries represented in contrasting colors, delineated U.S. states, and bodies of water. Raised relief provides a better perspective of topographic features such as mounting ranges. Ocean floor trenches, basins, and ridges are illustrated through detailed visual relief shading. The meridian is fully calibrated and a time dial is featured at the North Pole.

The up-to-date National Geographic globe ball is produced in the United States by Replogle Globes. It is expertly crafted using 100% re-claimed paperfiber.

Diameter: 12"
Height: 17"
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Shipping Weight: 7 lbs
Item# 39504