6" Levitating Saturn Globe

Rotating Saturn on Silver Base w/ Space Probe Model

A detailed model of Saturn that not only floats but also rotates within its sleek silver electromagnetic stand. This 6" globe of Saturn was composed using a collection of thousands of images taken by NASA and The European Space Agency.

Saturn is depicted with its unique planetary ring system that easily makes it one of the most recognizable and visually stunning planets in our solar system. Included with the globe is a 6-page informational booklet with details, dates, and specs of both the planets, and the probes.

The globe levitates freely in a computer controlled magnetic field underneath a realistic model of a Voyager space probe used to gather data on Saturn. A built-in computer chip continuously adjusts the magnetic field when atmospheric changes are registered ensuring that the globe stays suspended. Rotation of the globe is controlled electronically, simply give it a slight spin and watch it continuously rotate. A unique and very interesting globe for anyone fascinated by astronomy, space exploration, or the planet Saturn. 

Globe Diameter:  6"
Base: 7" W x 11" H

Shipping Weight:  6 lbs.

ITEM:  6889-5997

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Please note: this globe has an electrical cord coming from the base which needs to be plugged into a nearby outlet.

Some assembly of the space probe that attaches to the base is required. Instructions Included.

Levitating Saturn Globe
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