7' LED Illuminated Moon Satellite Imagery Inflatable Globe


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Large Air-tight Inflatable LED Illuminated Moon Globe

This illuminated moon globe features battery powered LED lighting that gives the appearance of a giant glowing moon at night. A stunning inflatable replica of the Earth's moon at a giant 7' diameter. Fill the globe with with air and suspend it from durable anchor loops. The inflatable presents a unique view of the moon in incredible detail clearly depicting higlands, maria, valleys, and every crater on the lunar surface.

  • Included LED light uses 8 AA batteries (not included). The LED light system is operated using a remote control.
  • Want to use your own lights? These spheres are equipped with an internal tube that runs through the center. An opening in the top allows you to insert light sticks or light strips. 
  • Durable 18 mil thick PVC vinyl construction is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and is designed to hold air perfectly.
  • Produced using high resolution imagery captured by NASA's LROC (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera) The moon imagery was compiled from a global mosaic of 15,000 images spanning the entire surface of the moon.
  • A vivid and realistic inflatable model of the Moon from space.
  • Hang the globe by attaching harness lines to reinforced metal d-rings at the top of the globe.

Ideal for educational use, astronomy events, promotional displays, or any space related event theme. Use these moon globes to promote your tradeshow booth or sales display as an excellent cost effective alternative to our custom globe balloons. Floats in mid-air when filled with helium, or stands proudly 7' tall if filled with air. 

The inflatable globe is also easily filled with air using a standard electric air pump.

The 7' globes with LED lighting contain additional internal construction to hold lighting and are therefore too heavy to float with helium. 

Diameter: 7'
Weight: 13 lbs
Model #: 1W-MOON-7-LED

Please note that we are unable to accept returns on opened inflatable globes.