Giant Inflatable Globes

Choose from a selection of standard large inflatable globes, custom world globes, or high end custom air-supported globes with internal LED illumination and motorized rotation. Use these large world globes to promote your next globally themed event, trade show display, or for use as an excellent educational tool. These huge globes can be filled with air and suspended or float in the sky when filled with helium.

Large Inflatable Display Globes

10-foot Giant Inflatable Globe Enhanced Satellite Imagery
10' Inflatable Globe
Enhanced Cloud-free Satellite Imagery


10-Foot Giant Inflatable Helium Earth Globe
10' Diameter Inflatable
Satellite Image Globe w/ Clouds


7- Foot Giant Inflatable Earth Globe
7' Diameter Inflatable
Satellite Image Globe w/ Clouds

Giant Custom Globe Balloons
Giant Custom Inflatable Globes
Custom Globe Balloons

Up to 20 Feet! Custom Printing Options
An inexpensive advertising option for tradeshows, corporate events,or promotional sales displays.
Available in a variety of map options.
Add a logo or other graphics! Fill with Helium & Float in the Air!
7 Foot Giant Inflatable World Globe - Natural Earth
7' Diameter Inflatable Globe
Natural Earth Vegetation

7 Foot Giant Inflatable Moon Globe
7' Diameter Inflatable Moon Globe


Custom Inflatable Moon & Mars Globes
Custom Inflatable Planets and Planetary Models
Inflatable Moon, Mars, & more!
Up to 20 feet! Custom Printing Options