The Voyage
14" Illuminated Desk Globe from National Geographic

State-of-the-art technology combines with an old-world look and feel to create a very special world globe. As a tribute to early cartographers, the globe is colored using parchment colored oceans and Earth-toned color palette. The look is completed with soft shaded country borders, another traditional cartographic method which shows where boundaries are, but leaves blank space for text for optimum readability. The proprietary National Geographic fonts used also add to the old-world look. Finished off with a calibrated, gold-tone semi-meridian sitting upon a rich, walnut-finished base, this globe has a traditional look, but loaded with state-of-the-art features that make it a truly outstanding choice. Electrical cord, which is not shown in the picture, routes through the base instead of hanging from the south axis as found on most illuminated globes.

The highly detailed, 14" diameter globe has roughly 30% more surface area than the more typical 12" size globe. This allows more room for additional detail and intricate design. Because of the high-tech, 18 layer printing process used, the globe actually has two maps in one. The picture at right shows the globe lit up, which highlights the Earth's natural features such as vegetation cover, elevations and ecological regions. When turned off, the physical world is subdued, revealing a wonderful political map, which you can see an example of by clicking on the picture at right.

Each globe comes with a booklet and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Diameter:  14"
Height:  17"
Weight:  16 lbs. (ships oversize)

Item# NG153453
Price:  $289.00


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Example of dual map. Blue ocean example shown here. Left is with light on, at right with light off.

the Voyage 14" Desk Globe from National Geographic
click image above for a more detailed view

(shown lit above, detail image is with light off)
Name: The Voyage from National Geographic
Globe Type: 14" Physical/Political World Globe
Base: Walnut finished wood
Meridian: Calibrated, plastic semi-meridian
Color: Antique ocean w/ National Geographic map palette
Illuminated: Yes
Raised Relief: No
Special: Slightly larger 14" diameter globe ball. Shows political borders when light is off, and physical features when illuminated.
Pros: Excellent colors. Beautiful 18 layer coloration of globe ball shows both physical and political features. Traditional National Geographic fonts and colors for superb readability and consistency with their award winning maps.
Cons: Plastic semi-meridian and globe ball
1-World comment: Our most popular National Geographic globe.

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