The Adams
12" Illuminated Raised Relief Desk Globe from National Geographic

Simple, classic elegance from National Geographic! The Adams from Replogle Globes shows off its up-to-date National Geographic cartography on a beautiful 12” antique ocean globe ball. The globe is mounted to a die-cast antique plated semi-meridian, and sits on a hardwood base with a rich walnut finish. This globe can also be illuminated, bringing any desk or shelf to life. The Adams is named after 20th century explorer Harriet Chalmers Adams, a writer and lecturer whose support for women world explorers will never be forgotten. Unlock your inner explorer!

Please note: All Illuminated globes have an electrical cord to power the internal light bulb. The cord is hidden in the photo, but comes out of the south pole axis point.

Diameter: 12"
Height: 16"
Weight: 6 lbs.

ITEM# 83504
PRICE: $144.50

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The Adams Desk Globe by National Geographic
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Name: The Adams
Globe Type: 12" Political
Globe Ball: Acrylic
Base: Stained hardwood
Meridian: Antique-plated, die-cast semi-meridian
Color: Parchment ocean
Illuminated: Yes
Raised Relief: Yes
Special: Base has unique aged look with distressed finish.
Pros: Globe features popular National Geographic map of the world and raised relief mountain ranges. Ocean floor detail is depicted.
1-World comment: A great desk globe that has a pleasant antique aesthetic. Base has a very nice aged finish. 

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