The Metropolis
12" Illuminated Desk Globe from National Geographic


This contemporary model is truly unique. The 12" diameter illuminated globe ball features National Geographic globes' famous dual-map feature that shows amazing color and detail with the light on or off. The map is created using National Geographic's award winning cartography, which features their proprietary fonts & color palette. The brilliant colors are brought to life by a special 16 color, multi-layered printing method that is unlike any other globe being produced today. Globe is shown at right with the light on to illustrate the Earth's natural features. When the light is turned off, it reveals a lovely political map, as shown in the picture below.

Globe details include major place names, softly shaded country borders, and delineated U.S. states. Latitude and longitude lines are shown in 10 degree increments, and the tropic of Cancer and tropic of Capricorn lines are clearly shown. Globe also features a useful time dial, which can help determine the time anywhere in the world.

The sleek brushed metal stand compliments the state of the art globe ball & does not distract from the simple beauty of this model of our Earth. The semi-meridian securely holds the globe at the Earth's natural 23.5 of tilt. An added feature of this illuminated globe is that the electrical cord, though hidden in the picture, is routed through the base, instead of hanging from the south pole as most illuminated globes do. This really makes for a more refined finished product. This globe overall is a high-tech, 21st century design.

Please note: All Illuminated globes have an electrical cord to power the internal light bulb.  The cord is hidden in the photo, but comes out of the base.

Diameter:  12"
Height:  17"
Weight:  12 lbs.

Item# NG143083
PRICE:  $299.00


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the Metropolis 12" Desk Globe from National Geographic
click image above for a detailed view

Example of dual map: Shown at left with light on, at right with light off.

Name: The Metropolis
Type: 12" Physical/Political World Globe
Base: Brushed metal
Meridian: Non-calibrated metal semi-meridian
Color: Blue ocean, National Geographic palette.
Illuminated: Yes
Raised Relief: No
Special: Modern brushed metal stand.
Pros: Beautiful 16 layer coloration of globe ball shows both physical and political features. Shows political borders when light is off, and physical features when illuminated. Traditional National Geographic fonts and colors for superb readability and consistency with their award winning maps. Cord routes from base instead of from south pole area for a less cluttered look.
Cons: Globe ball is plastic, no calibration on or movement of semi-meridian.
1-World comment: Understated contemporary stand lets the outstanding cartography speak for itself. Wonderful fit for modern dcors.

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