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Inflatable Earth Globes - Air-Supported Globes - Helium Globe Balloons

Choose from a selection of standard inflatable globes, customizable helium globes, or high end custom air-supported globes with internal illumination and motorized rotation. Use these globes to promote your next globally themed event, trade show display, or for use as an excellent educational tool.


Custom Display Globes

NASA Satellite Image Air-Supported Globes
Custom Globes up to 30 Feet in Diameter

Suitable for permanent display
Custom Graphics, illumination, and rotation available
GiantCustom Globe Balloons
Giant Helium Globe Balloons
Available in Multiple Sizes w/ Custom Printing

An inexpensive advertising option for tradeshows, corporate events,
or promotional sales displays

Standard Inflatable Globes

10 Foot Giant Inflatable Helium Earth Globe
Giant 10' Foot Diameter Inflatable
Satellite Image Globe
7 Foot Giant Inflatable Helium Earth Globe
Giant 7' Foot Diameter Inflatable
Satellite Image Globe
Giant 10' Foot Diameter Inflatable
Political Globe
Giant 7' Foot Diameter Inflatable
Political Globe
Earthball II - 39" Inflatable Globe
EarthBall II 39" Diameter
Inflatable Satellite Imagery Globe
Satellite Image Inflatable Globe w/ Topgography and Bathymetry
"Blue Marble" - Inflatable Globe
with Topography & Bathymetry
24" or 36" Diameter

 36 inch Inflatable Political World Globe
36" Diameter Worldball
Inflatable World Globe
24 inch Satellite Image Inflatable Globe w/ Cloud Cover
"Astronaut View" 24" Diameter
Inflatable Satellite Image Globe
w/ Cloud Cover


36 inch Clear Oceans Globe w/ Topography
36" Clear Ocean Inflatable
Topographical Globe


27" Clear Ocean Inflatable Learning Globe

Inflatable Solar System Set
Inflatable Solar System
All Nine Planets w/ 36" Sun

 Earth Satellite Image Balloon
22" Satellite Image Earth Balloons
as low as:  $4.45 ea.
Custom Printed Globe Balloons 

11" - 16" Diameter Balloons

3' Diameter Balloons


Other Inflatable Advertising ideas available at
Giant Inflatable Blimps
Giant Advertising Balloons
Giant Inflatable Balls
Inflatable Tents
Helium 'Hot Air' Balloons
Inflatable Costumes
Air Dancers
Inflatable Holiday Displays
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