The Regency
16" Floor Globe

High quality furniture work, and unexpected details adorn this floor globe, making it among a favorite for home and office use. Lathe turned hardwood legs are detailed with carved fluting accents, making for a very refined look. The elegant, simplistic beauty of the stand will help this globe find its home in a variety of decors.

Globe ball is the highest quality 16" political globe from Replogle, featuring over 4,000 place name labels and is made from 100% reclaimed paperfiber. Colored with parchment-colored oceans and earth-toned soft shaded borders, the globe ball aesthetics are complimentary to the stand. Globe features more than four thousand place names, and raised relief mountains. Globe ball is held securely in place by the fully calibrated, die-cast brass meridian ring, which is designed to allow the globe to swivel and pivot in any direction. Antique ocean globe ball uses the latest political map data. This package also qualifies the buyer to participate  in the factory-direct updatable globe program which allows one to replace the globe with a new, updated globe when needed.

Diameter: 16"
Height: 39"
Weight: 15.5 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 40 lbs (ships oversize)

Item# 22720
Price:  $455.00

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The world does change from time to time.
Replogle wants to help you keep your globe
as up-to-date and accurate as the day you 
bought it. As a Replogle globe owner, you are
eligible for 50% off the retail value of a new 
globe ball or ball and ring through Replogle's
Updatable Globe Program. Factory provided
information explaining how to participate will 
arrive with your Replogle globe.

the Regency 16" Floor Globe by Replogle
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