"The Lobby" Floor Globe

An exquisite hand crafted antique-style globe utilizing current cartography and political data. Skillfully produced by long-time professional globe makers & restorers. This globe features the authentic look and feel of an original antique globe from the 1800's, with up-to-date political and cartographic data, making this reproduction relevant to the 21st century. A unique ageing technique developed by the expert globe makers is used to give the globe its rich patina appearance making it a very convincing replica. While the extensively labeled globe features current political accuracy, it retains its 'old-world' feel with many Anglo-centric labels (e.g.: Hawaii labeled as Sandwich Islands).

The massive 33" diameter globe ball sits on a solid mahogany pedestal style base with beautiful stained finish. Brass castors attached to the floor stand allow you to easily position this globe around the room. With consideration for the environment all wood and paper used in the production this globe come from recycled or reclaimed sources.

Many hours of hand craftsmanship are put into each globe using traditional methods of globe production. Each sphere is carefully hand made from fiberglass.  The globe ball features hand covered map gores printed with cartography originally published by Charles Copley in 1852. This stunning antique cartography has been republished and updated to reflect today's political world. The unique old world aesthetic makes this globe an excellent choice for a library, office, study, or living area featuring a more traditional decor.

Diameter:  33"
Height: 67"
Footprint: 37"
Ship Weight:  600 lbs. (dimensional weight)

Actual Weight: 86 lbs

ITEM#:  GT-1852


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Greaves & Thomas 33" Antique Ocean Globe
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Name: 33" Antique Floor Globe
Globe Type: 33" Political
Base: Mahogany with stained finish
Meridian: None
Color: Antique ocean
Illuminated: No
Raised Relief: No
Special: Look and feel of an authentic antique globe but with up to date political information and cartography.
Pros: An excellent alternative to an original antique globe costing several times more.
1-World comment: A one of a kind globe that is hardly discernable from original antique globes costing several times more.