Copper Wall Sculpture - Hemispheres - World Map

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Metal world map wall sculpture in two hemispheres. Perfect executive gift! Copper latitude and longitude lines form the background for this impressive wall sculpture. Continents are expertly hand crafted in copper, then brazed and finished by hand to create a rich earth-toned patina. Amazing detail is achieved in raised-relief design. The striations and color patterns revealed in the copper finish are unique to each piece, with no two being identical. Each hemisphere hangs independently, so they can be hung with just the right balance for your wall space. A stunning and sophisticated sculpture, suitable for a living room, office or reception area. A map that will never become out of date. Sold only as a pair of two hemispheres, dimensions for each hemisphere are given below:

Height: 27" (each hemisphere)
Width: 27" (each hemisphere)
Depth: 5" (each hemisphere)
Shipping Weight: 35 lbs. (pair ships oversize)
ITEM#: 210606