The Bamboo Globe
White Oceans on Bamboo Stand

The Bamboo globe is a refreshing modern design that utilizes sustainable materials with it's bamboo base. Bamboo is the fastest growing plants on Earth making it naturally renewable. When you buy products that make use of bamboo instead of traditional woods you can save trees.

The globe features a warm contemporary design. White oceans contrast with light brown continents that simulate the appearance of natural wood grain. Country boundaries are outlined with clean white lines; countries and major cities are labeled on the globe.

The globes minimalist design incorporates inclination mounting on a white metal post that extends from a bamboo stand.

From Atmosphere Globemakers. Design by Kristoffer Zeuthen. Made in Denmark.

Please note: This item is not available to ship outside of the USA.
Diameter: 10"
Height: 15.4"
Shipping Weight: 6 lbs.

PRICE: $170.00


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Bamboo Illuminated Globe
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Name: Bamboo
Type: 10" Political Desk Globe
Base: Bamboo
Meridian: N/A (incline mounting does not use meridian)
Color: White ocean w/ brown continents
Illuminated: No
Raised Relief: No
Special: An eco-friendly design for the eco-conscious consumer. 
Pros: Digital cartography, modern Scandinavian design.
1-World comment: Atmosphere globes produce some of the finest globes available on the market.

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