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A world globe is always a great gift idea. Tell someone "You mean the world to me."

World Globe and Map themed gifts are perfect for the hard-to-buy-for individual.

Anti-gravity Globes - Levitating Globes
Amazing Anti-gravity Globes
Levitating Globes
Great gift for the scientific mind.
Solar-Powered Spinning Globe - Satellite Image Globe
Solar-Powered Spinning Globes
Self-Rotating Globes - In 12 Styles
Hugg-a-planet - Globe Pillows
Kid's Globes & Geography Items

Puzzle Globes and Puzzle Maps
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Vintage Globe w/ Airplane
Antique Reproduction World Globes

Vintage Reproduction World Globes
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Holiday Globe Ornaments - Globe Decorations
Holiday Globe Ornaments
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EcoSpheres - Glass Sphere Ecosystem
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Globe Jewelry
Several Styles Available
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Globe Limoges Boxes
French Porcelain Boxes
imported from Limoges, France
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Global Bookends - Globe Bookends
Global Bookends
Always a classic gift..
browse our selections.

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Gemstone Globes - Table Top and Floor Gemstone Globes
Gemstone Globes
..The Largest Selection

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Globe Paperweights
Sure to win a prized place on anyone's desk.
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Illuminated Maps - World Map and USA Map
Illuminated Maps
Light-up Maps!  Show locations
with points of light
Shower Curtain Maps
View our entire selection of
map shower curtains

Historical Maps
For the history buff.
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World Map Wall Murals - Giant Wall Maps
World Map Wall Murals
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9" Globe Bank Keepsake
9" Metal Globe Bank Tin
Gift Globe Filled w/ Gourmet Snacks

Globe Gift Tin - Table Favor - Gift Basket

National Geographic - Reference Atlases
National Geographic
Reference Atlases

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Planet Earth T-Shirt
Earth T-Shirts
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Old World Map Treasure Chest
2 Sizes Available
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Old World Map Book Box Set
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Old World Map Nesting Trunks
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Old World Map Wine Box
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Old World Map Clock
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Map Wheel - Map Measuring Tool
Measure Distance on a Map

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Old World Map Wine Chest
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Old World Map Necktie
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Gift Certificates
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Portuguese Nautical Map Necktie
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