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Dating your world globe:

Dating an older world globe can be a little tricky.  As you may find, many world globes do not have a copyright date included.  However, with a little patience and a little attention to detail, the mystery can be unraveled and a fairly accurate estimate of the date of your world globe can be found.  We do not offer world globe dating services and cannot provide an appraisal of your world globe, but more specific information can be found in libraries or through an antiquarian globe expert.

The information we have provided uses political information to help date world globes made in the last few decades.  Unfortunately mounting hardware, stands, or bases cannot always be used as an accurate reference for help in dating a globe.   Due to the presence of reproductions, commissioned woodworks, and replacements sometimes found with world globes, using the hardware to date a globe is less likely to provide an accurate date.

However, political information is a fairly sound way to date a globe.  As the years pass, country borders sometimes shift with political upheavals.  Globe makers change their cartography yearly to keep up with these changes in an effort to reflect the world more accurately.  Please refer to the list below for help in dating your globe.  Good luck!! 

REPLOGLE GLOBES, INC. Historical Place-Name Map Changes July, 05
* denotes multiple listing; use caution when dating your globe.
S.S.R. = Soviet Socialist Republic
South Sudan/font> 2011 Sudan N.E. Africa
Montenegro 2006 Serbia and Montenegro W. of Romania
Serbia 2006 Serbia and Montenegro W. of Romania
Serbia and Montenegro 2003 Serbia(pt.) E. of Italy
East Timor 1999 Indonesia (pt.) isle N. of Australia
Congo, Dem. Repub. Of * 1997 Zaire * central Africa, straddles Equator
Samoa 1997 Western Samoa S.Pacific Ocean, near Intern.Dateline
Czech. Rep. 1993 Czechoslovakia (pt.) S. of Germany & Poland
Eritrea * 1993 Ethiopia (pt.) N. of Ethiopia, S. end of Red Sea
Slovakia 1993 Czechoslovakia (pt.) S. of Poland
Serbia 1992 Yugoslavia (pt.) E. of Italy
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992 Yugoslavia (pt.) E. of Italy
Croatia 1992 Yugoslavia (pt.) E. of Italy
Macedonia 1992 Yugoslavia (pt.) N. of Greece
Slovenia 1992 Yugoslavia (pt.) E. of Italy
Armenia 1991 Armenian S.S.R. betw. Caspian & Black seas
Azerbaijan 1991 Azerbaydjzhan S.S.R. betw. Caspian & Black seas
Belarus 1991 Byelorussian S.S.R. NE. Europe
Estonia 1991 Estonian S.S.R. NE. Europe
Georgia 1991 Georgian S.S.R. betw. Caspian & Black seas
Kazakhstan 1991 Kazakh S.S.R. S.of Russia, NW. of China
Kyrgyzstan 1991 Kirghiz S.S.R. W. of China
Latvia 1991 Latvian S.S.R. NE. Europe
Lithuania 1991 Lithuanian S.S.R. NE. Europe
Moldova 1991 Moldavian S.S.R. eastern Europe
Russia 1991 Russian S.S.R. northern Europe / Asia
Tajikistan 1991 Tajik S.S.R. W. of China
Turkmenistan 1991 Turkmen S.S.R. N. of Iran, E. of Caspian Sea
Ukraine 1991 Ukrainian S.S.R. eastern Europe
Uzbekistan 1991 Uzbek S.S.R. N. of Iran, E. of Caspian Sea
Germany * 1990 East Germany, West Germany unifies northern Europe
Namibia 1990 Southwest Africa (S. Afr.) SW. African coast
Yemen 1990 Nth & Sth Yemen unifies S. end of Red Sea
Marshall Islands 1986 Marshall Islands (U.S.) Pacific, N. of Equator, near Intern.Dateline
Micronesia, Federated States of 1986 Micronesia, Federated States of (U.S.) Pacific, N. of Equator, E. of Philippines
Nevis (See St. Kitts & Nevis) 1983   isles in W. Indies, above Venezuela
St .Kitts & Nevis 1983 Leeward Is. (Br.) isles in W. Indies, above Venezuela
Antigua and Barbuda 1981 Antigua (Br.) Barbuda (Br.) isles in W. Indies, above Venezuela
Barbuda (See Antigua and Barbuda) 1981    
Belize 1981 British Honduras S. of Yucatan, E. of Guatemala
Vanuatu 1980 New Hebrides Islands (Br. & Fr.) S. Pacific, W. of Intern.Dateline
Zimbabwe 1980 Rhodesia SE. Africa
Grenadines (See St. Vincent) 1979    
Kiribati 1979 Gilbert Is. & Phoenix Is. (Br.) Pacific Ocean at the Equator
Saint Lucia 1979 Saint Lucia (Br.) isle in W. Indies, above Venezuela
Saint Vincent & The Grenadines 1979 Saint Vincent (Br.) isles in W. Indies, above Venezuela
Dominica 1978 Dominica (Br.) isle in W. Indies, above Venezuela
Solomon Islands 1978 Solomon Islands (Br.) isles NE. of Australia
Tuvalu 1978 Ellice Is. (Br.) S. Pacific, W. of Intern.Dateline
Djibouti 1977 French Somaliland S. end of Red Sea, across Yemen
Seychelles 1976 Seychelles (Br.) Seychelle Dependencies (Br.) N. of Madagascar, near the Equator
Vietnam 1976 North & South Vietnam unifies S. of China
Western Sahara (admin. by Morocco) 1976 Rio de Oro (Spanish Sahara ) NW. African coast
Cape Verde 1975 Cape Verde (Port.) isles W. of African coast
Comoros 1975 Iles Comore (Fr.) isles E. of Mozambique
Papua New Guinea 1975 Papua (Austr.) N. of Australia
Principe (See Sao Tome) 1975    
Sao Tome & Principe 1975 Sao Tome , Principe (Port.) W. African coast at the Equator
Suriname 1975 Dutch Guiana N. coast of So. America
Grenada 1974 Grenada (Br.) isle in W. Indies, above Venezuela
Guinea-Bissau 1974 Portuguese Guinea W. African coast
Bahamas, The 1973 Bahama Is. (Br.) off SE. coast of Florida
Bangladesh 1972 India (pt.) betw. India and Burma
Qatar 1971 Hadhramaut , Aden Br. Protectorate (pt.) betw. Saudi Arabia & Persian Gulf
United Arab Emirates 1971 Oman (pt.) betw. Saudi Arabia & Persian Gulf
Zaire * 1971 Congo, Dem. Repub. Of * central Africa, straddles Equator
Fiji 1970 Fiji Is. (Br.) S. Pacific, W. of Intern.Dateline
Tonga 1970 Tonga Is. (Br.) S. Pacific, W. of Intern.Dateline
Equatorial Guinea 1968 Fernando Po, Rio Muni (Spanish Guinea) W. coast of Africa at the Equator
Mauritius 1968 Mauritius (Br.) E. of Madagascar, in Indian Ocean
Nauru 1968 Nauru (Br.) Pacific, near Equator, W. of Intern.Dateline
Yemen, South 1967 Hadhramaut or Aden Br. Protectorate S. end of Red Sea
Barbados 1966 Barbados (Br.) isle in W. Indies, above Venezuela
Botswana 1966 Bechuanaland S. central Africa
Guyana 1966 Br. Guyana (or Guiana) northern So.America
Lesotho 1966 Basutoland S. Africa
Maldives 1965 Maldive Islands isle group SW. of India
Rhodesia 1965 Southern Rhodesia SE. Africa
Malawi 1964 Nyasaland SE. Africa
Malta 1964 Malta (Br.) S. of Sicily, in Mediterranean Sea
Tanzania 1964 Tanganyika , Zanzibar unifies E. Africa, S. of Equator
Zambia 1964 Northern Rhodesia S. central Africa
Algeria 1962 French West Africa (pt.), Algeria NW Africa
Burundi 1962 Belgian Congo (pt.) , Urundi central Africa, S. of Equator
Jamaica 1962 Jamaica (Br.) isle S. of Cuba
Rwanda 1962 Belgian Congo (pt.), Ruanda central Africa, S. of Equator
Tobago (See Trinidad & Tobago) 1962    
Trinidad & Tobago 1962 Trinidad (Br.) Tobago (Br.) isles in W. Indies, above Venezuela
Western Samoa 1962 Samoa Is. (N.Z.) S. Pacific, at Intern.Dateline
Egypt * 1961 Egypt (U.A.R.) SE. end of Mediterranean Sea
Syria * 1961 Syria (U.A.R.) E. end of Mediterranean Sea
Tanganyika 1961 Tanganyika Territory E. Africa, S. of Equator
French Equatorial Africa disolves, creating five new countries     E. Africa at the Equator
French West Africa disolves, creating eleven new countries     NW. Africa
Belgian Congo disolves, creating three new countries     central Afr., straddles Equator
Benin 1960 French West Africa (pt.), Dahomey (pt.) W. Africa, near Equator
Burkina 1960 French West Africa (pt.), Upper Volta W. Africa, near Equator
Cameroon 1960 French Equatorial Africa (pt.), Cameroon W. Africa, near Equator
Central African Republic 1960 French Equatorial Africa (pt.), Oubangi, Chari central Africa, N of Equator
Chad 1960 French Equatorial Africa (pt.), Chad central Africa, N. of Equator
Congo, Dem. Repub. Of * 1960 Belgian Congo (pt.) central Afr., straddles Equator
Congo, Peoples Repub. 1960 French Equatorial Africa (pt.), Gabon (pt.) central Afr., straddles Equator
Cyprus 1960 Cyprus (Br.) S. of Turkey in Mediterranean
Gabon 1960 French Equatorial Africa (pt.), Gabon W. Africa, S. of Equator
Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 1960 French West Africa, Ivory Coast W. Africa, N. of Equator
Mali 1960 French West Africa (pt.), French Sudan NW. Africa
Mauritania 1960 French West Africa (pt.), Mauritania far W. Africa
Niger 1960 French West Africa (pt.), Niger N. central Africa
Senegal 1960 French West Africa (pt.), Senegal W. African coast
Somalia 1960 Italian, British Somaliland unifies far E. (Horn of ) Africa
Togo 1960 French West Africa (pt.), Dahomey (pt.) W. Africa, N. of Equator
Egypt U.A.R. (United Arab Republic) 1958 Egypt * SE. end of Mediterranean Sea
Guinea 1958 Fr. Guinea W. Africa, N. of Equator
Syria U.A.R. (United Arab Republic) 1958 Syria * E. end of Mediterranean Sea
Ghana 1957 Ashanti and/or Gold Coast W. Africa, N. of Equator
Malaysia 1957 Malay States S. of Vietnam / Thailand
Morocco 1956 French West Africa (pt.), Morocco NW Africa
Sudan 1956 Anglo-Egyptian Sudan S. of Egypt
Tunisia 1956 French West Africa (pt.), Tunisia N. African coast
Vietnam, North 1954 Vietnam * S. of China
Vietnam, South 1954 Vietnam * S. of China
Korea, North 1953 Korea W. of Japan, E. of China
Korea, South 1953 Korea W. of Japan, E. of China
Ethiopia * 1952 Ethiopia, Eritrea unifies S. end of Red Sea
Cambodia 1949 French Indo-China betw. Vietnam / Thailand
Germany, East 1949 Germany * northern Europe
Germany, West 1949 Germany * northern Europe
Indonesia 1949 Netherland Indies N.- NW. of Australia
Laos 1949 French Indo-China betw. Vietnam / Thailand
Thailand * 1949 Siam * SE. of Burma
Vietnam * 1949 French Indo-China S. of China
Israel 1948 Palestine (pt.) betw. Syria / Egypt
Sri Lanka 1948 Ceylon isle S. of India
Pakistan 1947 Baluchistan W. of India
Jordan 1946 Trans Jordan E. of Israel
Philippines 1946 Philippine Islands S.E. of China
Korea 1945 Chosen (Jap.) W. of Japan, E. of China
Siam * 1945 Thailand * SE. of Burma
Eritrea * 1941 Italian East Africa (pt.), Eritrea N. of Ethiopia, S. end of Red Sea
Ethiopia * 1941 Italian East Africa (pt.), Ethiopia far E. (Horn of ) Africa
Lithuania* 1940 Lithuanian S.S.R. NE. Europe
Latvia * 1940 Latvian S.S.R. NE. Europe
Estonia * 1940 Estonian S.S.R. NE. Europe
Thailand * 1939 Siam * SE. of Burma


The First American Globes

The three globes shown here were produced by James Wilson, America's first commercial globe maker. Born in New Hampshire in 1763, he spent much of his adult life as a farmer and blacksmith in nearby Vermont. After seeing a pair of terrestrial and celestial globes at Dartmouth College, he decided to make his own. He set about learning geography from an encyclopedia he purchased for the purpose and learned engraving from an experienced engraver of maps. Around 1810 he had produced his first globe, and by 1818 he and his sons had established an "artificial globe manufactory" in Albany, New York, where they produced globes of three-inch, nine-inch, and thirteen-inch diameters.

In 1827 he brought his globes down to Washington, D.C., to display to Congress. On his business card he wrote that he was "now exhibiting for public inspection at the United States Library of Congress" a pair of thirteen-inch globes, and claimed he was "the original manufacturer of Globes in this country, and has brought the art to such a degree of perfection, as to supersede altogether the necessity of importation of that article from abroad."

The two smaller globes shown here are an undated pair of three-inch terrestrial and celestial globes probably published in the 1820s. They were purchased by the Library of Congress in 1940 from Harold F. Wilson, a descendant of the globe maker. The larger thirteen-inch globe is one of Wilson's earliest dated globes (1811), and was a gift to the Library of Congress in 1991 by the estate of the noted globe and map collector, Howard Welsh.

Source:  Library of Congress


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