Yellow Dry Erase Polygon Folding Globe


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This innovative world globe is part craft project, part detailed reference globe, and part educational tool. Each globe is shipped flat with easy-to-follow instructions on how to assemble. Once assembled this globe is fairly sturdy and can easily withstand frequent handling. This world globe features a striking yellow and white color scheme for a unique view of the Earth. This globe is also dry-erase compatible, so is one of very few world globes one can mark on without worry!

Each element of the globe's interior is labeled to increase awareness of the Earth's internal makeup. Beginning with a cross-sectional view of the Earth, the globe is assembled in parts, creating a structural, sturdy polygon globe. The Earth's Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle, Upper Mantle, are each labeled on the interior of the globe. The exterior skin with map detail represents the Earth's crust. Continents, oceans, countries and major cities are all labeled on this globe. Country borders are all outlined. Globe also details the international date line and includes general time zones across the bottom hemisphere.

Because of the unique polygon shape, the globe sets easily on a desktop or table, at an angle similar to the Earth's natural 23.5 degree tilt. The outer shape of this globe is technicaly referred to as a 'hebdomicontadissadron' which is a 72 sided, sphere-like polyhedra, so there's possibly a geometry lesson here too! The globe's interior includes a punched hole to accommodate a hang string, so it can be suspended from above.

Diameter: 8"
Weight: 3 lbs