The Vienna 16" Antique Ocean Political Desk Globe

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The Vienna features a classic antique ocean globe ball that rests in a modern metal stand and meridian with high gloss brass finish. The antique styling of the globe is combined with current up-to-date geopolitical information. The Vienna features an exceptionally detailed map with over 4,400 place names; countries are clearly shown in contrasting colors. The globe also displays cold and warm ocean currents as well as major shipping lanes. Innovative dual map cartography allows you to view a different map when the globe is illuminated, turn on the globe to reveal a stunning physical map of the world with eye catching shaded relief displayed in vivid detail. Physical map displays mountain ranges, land forms, and ocean depths. Each globe is handcrafted in Germany using traditional globe making techniques. Individual map gores are applied to a high quality acrylic sphere by hand with unsurpassed precision.

Diameter: 16"
Height: 20"
Weight: 24 lbs.
ITEM#: CG-224071