The Globe as Art 
Sabine Rethore offers a fresh new look at our planet
through her sculptures.  She attempts to give back the expressive power of cartography to dream and fantasy, analysing symbols, physical realities and mental models that lead our vision.  The globes are entirely hand made, limiting production to no more than ten globes per year.
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Welcome to the world of Sabine Rethore.  

Cozily tucked in on an obscure pedestrian street in the Algerian quarter of Marseilles is the studio where Sabine Rethore works.  It was a warm Sunday morning in May when we drove through the countryside of southeastern France from our hotel in Arles to the city of Marseilles to meet Sabine and see her work in person for the first time.

Sabine Rethore greeted us (along with her friend and fellow artist, David, who was very helpful with translating) at the entrance of her studio,  a space that has been beautifully converted from an ancient stable and blacksmith shop.  We stepped into the gallery space and into her world, gazing in wonder at the large spheres on display.  At once fantasy and reality converge. Mounted on colorful cradle stands sit models of the earth that cause one to ponder and question previous assumptions.

Sabine's globes give artistic license to what we usually think of as scientifically secure fact.  She applies different premises to her globes, and creates them accordingly.  In her "Tribute to Sao Tom", for example, she places the tiny island of Sao Tom (off the coast of Gabon, often lost in the equatorial seam of globes) at the "top" of the world.  This single "adjustment" creates a new vision of the world that causes one to smile and understand.

1-World Globes is proud to present the sculpture of Sabine Rethore.  Custom globes can be arranged, starting price generally $4,500.  Please e-mail inquiries to:

"Tribute to Sao Tom" click for enlarged view

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"Mediterranean Sea" click for an enlarged view

"Nameless Earth" click for an enlarged view

A work in progress.

Sabine Rethore in her studio.