The Mariner
16" Floor Globe

The Mariner is a superbly crafted globe with a most unique design composed of solid wood, steel, iron and copper. The merging of these materials results in a stunning piece of art that will surly stand out even when placed within the most distinguished home or office interior decors.

A sturdy base of solid red oak with a distressed cherry finish and hand-rubbed steel has been expertly hand crafted. Extending from the base is a 5" x 5" column comprised of four pillars of copper finished in a rich bronze hue. The overall appearance of the globe's stand is somewhat reminiscent to the iconic work of designer Frank Lloyd Wright with its sleek symmetrical lines and minimalist block design.

Each globe stand is painstakingly hand produced and signed by the original designer J.P. Roberts here in the United States. A combination of form and function is evident in this globe as it features an adjustable swivel mechanism allowing you to tilt the globe 180 degrees for easy viewing of the southern hemisphere.

The stand is complemented nicely with Replogle's Bronze Metallic globe ball which sits in a uniquely styled adjustable meridian. Rich hues of cherry, copper, rubbed steel, and bronze metallic inks can be attributed to the globes pleasant rustic look and feel. The globe features accurately formed raised relief mountains, which enables one to feel the mountain ranges of the world. Each globe is up to date with the most current political data, features over 4,000 place name labels, and is made from
100% reclaimed paperfiber. Add a touch of distinction to your office or living area with this elegantly crafted globe.

Diameter:  16"
Height:  55"
Width:  23"
Base: 13" x 13"
Weight:  45 lbs.
Ship Weight:  90 lbs. (ships oversize in 2 boxes)

PRICE:  $690.00

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the Mariner  16" Floor Globe
Name: The Mariner Floor Globe
Globe Type: 16" Political
Base: Red Oak w/ distressed cherry finish and hand rubbed steel - copper column w/ bronze finish
Meridian: Steel w/ adjustable swivel mechanism
Color: Bronze Metallic
Illuminated: No
Raised Relief: Yes
Special: Hand-made 'Designer' stand by J.P. Roberts, Made in the USA
Pros: Highly unique globe stand. A functional sculpted piece of art.
1-World comment: A very distinct globe stand that will add dimension to any room it is placed in.