The Marco Polo 14" Illuminated Day and Night Globe

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The Marco Polo illuminated globe sits on a sturdy stainless steel base and allows you to explore a multitude of astronomical concepts related to the planet earth. An excellent educational globe that exhibits the following features:

  • Elliptical orbit around the sun
  • Earth rotation on its axis
  • Celestial points
  • Day and night for any time, date, and location in the world.
  • Adjustable time dial at base can be set to any time and day of the year, past, present, or future hours of daylight and darkness can be displayed.
  • A pinpoint light indicates the subsolar point on the planet or location where the sun is perceived to be directly overhead.
  • Unique "twilight rings" depict the three zones of dawn and dusk.
  • Includes 44 page instruction guide.

The Marco Polo also features impressively detailed dual map cartography. When the globe is illuminated a political maps displays countries in contrasting colors. When turned off a detailed physical map displays vegetation using deep brown hues to represent mountain ranges, various green and yellow tones representing lush forests, grasslands, and desserts. Landforms and ocean floor are displayed with photorealistic shaded relief.

Stainless Steel Base Diameter: 14"
Height: 17"
Weight: 15 lbs.
ITEM:# CG-483482 - Steel Base
ITEM:# CG-483472 - Brass Base