Magallano 24" Floor Globe - Blue Ocean

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The impressive Magallano floor globe from Zoffoli Geographica is available in expansive 24 inch diameter. This stunning globe feature a steel base incorporating a fully calibrated, full-swinging meridian which allows movement of the globe in all directions. The stand itself is simple yet functional without feeling overbuilt. Highly detailed political globe ball features thousands of place names on a UV resistant, Blue ocean globe ball. Map details include labeled oceans, continents, countries, major cities, and each US state.

The Magallano floor globe combines traditional and modern designs, making this a perfect globe for those who value aesthetic with functionality in a valuable reference piece.

Made in Italy.

Diameter: 24"
Height: 51.5"
Weight: 31 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 64 lbs.
Item #ART902-60-01