The Krauchenwies 13" Illuminated Political/Physical

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The 13" Krauchenwies globe rests in a modern brushed stainless steel stand and semi-meridian. Silver white oceans compliment a detailed up-to-date political world map with countries illustrated in contrasting colors. Bathymetric ocean floor detail as well as mountain ranges and landforms are represented using detailed shaded relief.

Innovative dual map cartography allows you to view a different map when the globe is illuminated, turn on the globe to reveal a stunning physical map of the world with blue oceans. Eye catching shaded relief is displayed in vivid detail when illuminated giving it a 3-D impression.

Each globe is handcrafted in Germany by Columbus Globes, map globe gores are individually hand covered with painstaking care.

Diameter: 13"
Height: 17"
Weight: 15 lbs
ITEM:# CG-233481