Historic World Map Puzzle
3,000 pieces

This beautiful 3,000 piece puzzle is a wonderful example of a surviving 17th century wall map. Designed to captivate the viewer with their beauty and decorative detail, historic wall maps represent the pinnacle of "Golden Age of Cartography".  The source for this map is unknown, though the map has been signed "G. Blaeu" in the title banner. Even its place of publication, Venice, is uncertain.  While this map - like many 17th century wall maps - is based on Blaeu's wall map of 1605, it also bears a striking resemblance to the 1629 map of Nicolaes van Wassenaer - of which there is only one known example.  While there are many pieces of the maps origins missing, we guarantee all 3,000 will be in the box!  Made from recycled board and also features a linen-finished paper to ensure glare-free viewing.

ITEM: RV-17054
Dimensions: 32" x 48"
Shipping weight: 4 lbs
Price: $35.00

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