The Hannover Royal 16" Crystal Glass Floor Globe

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This impressive floor globe features a hand blown crystal glass globe ball with soft antique colored oceans. Individual map gores are applied to the crystal sphere by hand with unsurpassed precision. Handcrafted glass globe ball is seamless and produces brighter illumination. The Hannover features a brushed stainless steel stand with polished center accent. A modern design with a touch of old world style.

The Hannover Royal is an exceptionally detailed political globe featuring over 4,400 place names with political boundaries based on the most current data available. The map also displays warm and cold ocean currents as well as major shipping lane routes.

Features dual map cartography, the non-illuminated map displays a detailed political map with countries shown in contrasting colors and when illuminated a physical map displays mountain ranges, land forms, and ocean depths. The Hannover Royal is more than just a world globe, its a beautifully crafted work of art.

Diameter: 16"
Height: 47"
Ship Weight: 95 lbs
Actual Weight: 33 lbs
ITEM#: CG-224089