The Hannover Duorama 16" Illuminated Physical/Political Floor Globe

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The 16" Columbus Hannover Duorama combines a hand-blown crystal glass globe ball with an ultra modern all stainless steel stand design. A polished stainless steel semi-meridian cradles this stunning physical globe; meridian is supported by a brushed stainless steel floor stand with contrasting polished center accent.

A detailed physical map of the world shows the earths natural features in photo-realistic detail. Explore the mountains, forests, cultivated zones, savannas, and desserts that cover the planets surface. The visual relief and colorful shading of vegetation featured on this globe is quite remarkable and resembles satellite imagery. Ocean floor bathymetry and mountain ranges can be viewed in stunning detail.

Innovative dual map cartography allows you to view a different map when the globe is illuminated, turn on the globe to reveal a colorful political map of the world that displays countries in contrasting colors. Turn the globe off to view vegetation and landforms.

Each globe is handcrafted in Germany by Columbus Globes, individual map gores are hand placed onto a crystal glass sphere with absolute precision resulting in a seamless globe that is a truly stunning work of art.

Diameter: 16"
Height: 47"
Ship Weight: 95 lbs.
Actual Weight: 33 lbs
ITEM:# CG-214089