The Globe Clock

Technological Art

The Globe Clock is a beautiful piece of technological art that constantly displays the natural sweeping of the light from our friendly star, The Sun, over the surface of our home-planet, The Earth, while showing the current hour and minute all over the world with a Universal Time System and the current date with a Gregorian Calendar System.

The Globe Clock has an inner globe that spins inside of a translucent earth globe with the day and night depicted on its surface.  The translucent earth globe has a customized design that in addition to the typical political boundaries that any globe shows, it features current time zones, a special time reading equatorial dial, and translucent land zones to see the time indicators on the inner globe.  The Globe Clock uses a super durable material for its external globe that protects the moving mechanism in its interior.

the Globe Clock

The inner day and night globe simultaneously spins over two different axes, one corresponding with the traveling of Earth around the Sun and the other corresponds with the rotation of the Earth over its own axis.  The combination of both spins results in a replica of the apparent motion of the sunlight over the surface of the Earth, therefore the pass of day and night can be constantly seen from the exterior of the earth globe just as it is seen from outer space.

The Globe Clock uses two different stepper motors controlled by electronics to drive the unique mechanism that makes the magic happen.  The Globe Clock is powered with two replaceable AA batteries that last approximately fourteen months.  A graphic of the sun is printed at the center of the day on the inner globe, so The Globe Clock is able to display the current position of the sun exactly where the sunrays are vertically falling on the Earth.  By crossing its inverse-analemma-sinusoidal-traveling-curves with the equatorial line, The Globe Clock shows current standard time at the equatorial time zone dial while coordinating this time with the actual position of the Sun.  The current date can be read through the Arctic Circle translucent window, where an arrow continuously points out the current date.  While you see the nights and days pass, you can also see the hours passing by the time zones.  The designer strategically selected 12:00 PM, 6:00 PM, 12:00 AM, and 6:00 AM to rotate on the inner globe, so when one of these hours passes under the center of a time zone it means this is the time on this time zone.

With The Globe Clock you can easily understand the significance of the polar circles and tropic lines along with the meaning of solstices and equinoxes.  The effect of six months of sunlight and six months of darkness at the poles is clearly displayed, and the time of sunrise or sunset at any place on earth can be forecasted and seen while happening.

The dream of constantly experiencing the pass of years, days and nights over the earth on a physical model vs. a virtual model is now successfully realized, and very complex concepts are simplified in an elegant time piece, The Globe Clock.

Height:  7"
Diameter:  5"
Shipping Weight:  4 lbs.

Price:  $250.00

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