The Extraordinary Byzantine Globe
Unprecedented and Peerless Terrestrial Globe Sculpture

The extraordinary Byzantine Globe is an artistic achievement of the highest recognition.  Magnificent in its design and dimension, this globe absolutely transforms cartographic reference into this exceptional, kinetic sculpture.

Over 10,000 hours of painstaking labors and expertise spread across many years were invested into this preternatural artistic creation.  Sumptuously handcrafted and beautiful, the Byzantine Globe takes the history of cartography and the beauty of our Earth and revisions it into a timeless and fantastic sculptural achievement. 

Christened after the highly prized and remarkable enameling process perfected by Byzantine artists over fifteen centuries ago and admired throughout the world by private collectors, museums, and universities alike, the globe's delicate, jeweled surface traces its lineage back to these ancient, original techniques.

The exterior is covered in luminous, transparent glass enamel of varied hues, created by fusing glass grains to the copper skin at temperatures of 800C.  The glowing, gemlike glass enamels are bounded in burnished copper borders graced with gold.  Delicate azure colors the oceans, and continental elevations are represented accordingly in colors of gold to amber and ocher to medium brown. The South Pole and other areas of persistent snow and ice are represented by a delicate, opal-white color.

This magnificent globe features a surface comprised entirely of glass, copper, and gold with a scale of 1:10,000,000 and an approximate diameter of 4.2 ft.  The Byzantine Globe is comprised of 578 curved segments of copper, with form and size dependent on the individual areas between every 10th degree of longitude and latitude.  Inland lakes and rivers have been carefully etched into the copper surface, and are clearly visible through the translucent glass (please see photo at right for detail of the Nile Delta).

There are 500 geographical locations labeled on this magnificent sphere.  All labels and continents are bordered by thin, raised bars of copper, galvanically gilded in gold; truly and simply remarkable. 

Elegant and understated, the Byzantine Globe is held aloft on a sleek, steel axle inclination tripod mounting.  Incorporated ball bearings in the structure allow this kinetic sculpture to be easily turned by hand.  A small electro-mechanic drive concealed in a special chamber in the upper interior of the globe allows automatic rotation, producing one full turn every 5 minutes.  The power supply is routed via cable though the hollow axle.  With a height of about 5.35 ft. an optimum view of the globe is achieved.

The Byzantine Globe encompasses one artist's vision and love of the world, an achievement he considers his life's work.  Truly remarkable, one of a kind, and undoubtedly beautiful, the majesty of this creation will only increase as time passes on.  This extraordinary globe offers the patron an opportunity to participate in an encompassing global view, to give a legacy that will have tremendous worth and lasting significance.  The Byzantine Globe is a geographic and sculptural masterpiece, continuing in the tradition of vibrant perspectives . 

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The majestic Byzantine Globe - Asia, Europe and Africa.

The artist in his studio
at work on the Byzantine Globe.

Profile view diagram of the
Byzantine Globe.

Top view diagram of the Byzantine Globe's tripod base.

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the Extraodinary Byzantine Globe - Terrestrial Globe Sculpture

Above: Glimmering North Pole view of globe from above

Above: Close-up view of engraved Nile River, copper labeling, glass enameling and gold gilding.

Above: Children are mesmerized viewing this globe

Above: Indian Ocean view of globe with fireworks in the background.

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