The Explorer
12" French Language Globe

Available in French, English or Spanish!

Versatile variety.  Striking colors will invite exploration of our most popular globes for students.  The 12" raised-relief blue ocean globe offers a vibrant contrast to the gold-colored base.  The blue ocean Explorer globe is also available in Spanish and English language fonts (see pricing below).   The Explorer contains more than 4,000 place names in French and distinctive political boundary markings. Globe ball is made from 100% reclaimed paperfiber.

Diameter: 12"
Height: 16"
Weight: 5 lbs.

Model #30551 (French Language)
Price: $55.50

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Explorer English Language Desk Globe

Diameter: 12"
Height: 16"
Weight: 5 lbs.

Model #30501
Price:  $55.50

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Explorer Spanish Language Desk Globe

Diameter: 12"
Height: 16"
Weight: 5 lbs.

Model #30561
Price:  $55.50

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The world does change from time to time.
Replogle wants to help you keep your globe
as up-to-date and accurate as the day you 
bought it. As a Replogle globe owner, you are
eligible for 50% off the retail value of a new 
globe ball or ball and ring through Replogle's
Updatable Globe Program. Factory provided
information explaining how to participate will 
arrive with your Replogle globe.

The Explorer 12" Desk Globe by Replogle
Click Here to see full size image of the Explorer Globe
Name: The Explorer French Language Globe
Globe Type: 12" Political, made from 100% reclaimed paperfiber
Base: Metal
Meridian: Calibrated metal semi-meridian
Color: Blue ocean
Illuminated: No
Raised Relief: Yes
Special: Offered in French, English and Spanish languages
Pros: 12" size is ideal for reference, at a very affordable price
1-World comment: Our most affordable 12" desk globes

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