The Expedition 10" Interactive Talking Globe

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This stylish, modern globe design from Columbus features a 10" political globe mounted in a stainless steel semi-meridian and base. The globe's simplified world map features fewer place name labels making it easier for kids understand. Countries are displayed in lively, contrasting colors.

Kids and adults alike can interact with the globe using the TING talking audio pen tool. Simply select the function and tap the pen on a country to discover a wide range of geographical facts including: General country information including:

  • Surface area, capital city, population, and a number of other interesting geography facts.
  • A sample of every country's national anthem.
  • Also features a quiz game where the user must locate a place on the map based on questions it asks.

Each Expedition interactive globe is handcrafted in Germany by the skilled craftspeople at Columbus Globes, ensuring lasting quality.

Diameter: 10"
Height: 11"
Ship Weight: 10 lbs
Actual Weight: 3 lbs
ITEM:# CG-202381