The Era
16" White Ocean Floor Globe

The Era floor globe from Zoffoli Geographica features a simple yet modern acrylic and steel base.  Stand is constructed of a steel base, a clear acrylic riser post, and a steel semi-meridian.  Sleek and modern are descriptive words that come to mind when seeing this globe.  Where form meets function, the stand's calibrated semi-meridian securely holds the globe at the Earth's natural 23.5 degree incline.  Globe ball is fully detailed & features over 1,000 place name labels on a UV resistant, White ocean globe ball.  Cartographic detail includes labels for continents, countries, oceans, major cities and each US state.  Metallic Taupe continents surrounded by brilliant white oceans give the Era floor globe a distinctive look that sets it apart from the more traditional looking, antique ocean globes that are so commonplace.  The overall look of the globe and stand are ideal for and can enhance any modern home or office setting, while also serving as a valuable cartographic reference tool.  Made in Italy.

Diameter: 16"
Height: 48.5"
Weight: 16 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 36 lbs.

Item #ART911-06
PRICE: $730.00

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Name:  The Era Floor Globe by Zoffoli Geographica
Globe Type:  16" Political
Base:  Acrylic Post with Steel base
Meridian:  Steel calibrated semi-meridian
Color:  White ocean with Metallic Taupe land
Illuminated:  No
Raised Relief:  No
Pros:  Contemporary design
1-World comment:  Made in Italy

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