The Equinox - Rotating Display Globe
 16" 3-D Earth Model, Displaying Night and Day, Seasonal Changes

Observe the changing pattern of sunlight falling over each hemisphere of this fascinating globe. Beautifully illustrating night and day, as well as the inclination of the Earth as the seasons pass, this globe is suitable for public display in libraries, museums, reception areas, etc.. Children and adults alike are mesmerized by the effect of viewing the earth in 3-D, as it appears to "float", spinning from light to darkness, gradually changing its tilt. Based on an astronomically true formula, the globe allows you to observe one year in six minutes.

The individually crafted full Earth globe is lit from within, yet ingeniously shielded so that only half of the planet is visible as the globe turns, perfectly recreating how the sunlight varies over the surface of the Earth. The internal robotic mechanism design provides accurate inclination, following the seasons through the year (1 year = 6 minutes).

Not just an "earth as seen from space" display. This globe is 16" in diameter and is politically up to date, allowing you to refer to specific places as you observe the seasonal patterns.

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EQ-UO10 23" x 18" x 18", 16" Dia. 50 lbs $1,450.00 ITEM NO LONGER AVAILABLE

NOTE:  Each globe comes with multi-setting controller allowing lit or unlit rotation or stationary observation.  A bright spot represents the position on the Earth where the sun is directly overhead.  Globe diameter is 16", Plexiglas cover measures 23" h x 18" x 18". Actual weight of the globe is 36 lbs.

The Equinox is backed by a 1-year manufacturers warranty against any product defects. After this period any necessary product repairs are performed at the cost of parts only.

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the Equinox - Rotating Display Globe 3-D Earth Model
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Attract attention and interest at a trade show or convention with this exquisite display, while emphasizing the  "global position" of your organization.

Inspire students and answer their questions:  "Why are there seasons?", "How does the sunlight really change during the year over the globe?", "How many hours of sunlight does any location receive during the year?", or "What time does sun rise and set at your location today?".

Whether used as a teaching aid, or as an attention commanding display, this globe is unlike any other.