The Edinburgh II
16" Floor Globe

By Replogle.  An update to the popular original, the Edinburgh II is an excellent choice for those looking for an outstanding floor globe, on a budget.  Perched on top of a beautiful hardwood base, the highly detailed, 16" diameter political globe ball features raised relief on an blue-ocean globe ball and is made from 100% reclaimed paperfiber -  the same exact ball used on globes costing over four times the price. 

An excellent value for anyone seeking a high quality globe with over 4,000 place name labels as well as other high-end features including a time dial, gyromatic assembly, and rich walnut finished pedestal base.

The pedestal style stand raises the globe to a convenient 38" height. By removing a simple wing-nut, the light walnut finished center post can be removed, converting the globe into a useful desktop globe. In either form, the gyromatic assembly allows for easy movement of the globe in any direction.

This package also qualifies the buyer to participate in the factory-direct updatable globe program which allows one to replace the globe with a new, updated globe when needed.

Diameter: 16"
Height: 38"
Weight: 14 lbs
Shipping Weight: 25 lbs. (ships oversize)

Item#:  26824
Price:  $210.00

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The world does change from time to time. Replogle wants to help you keep your globe as up-to-date and accurate as the day you bought it. As a Replogle globe owner, you are eligible for 50% off the retail value of a new globe ball or ball and ring through Replogle's Updatable Globe Program. Factory provided information explaining how to participate will arrive with your Replogle globe

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