The Earth Puzzle Globe
960 Pieces

Build your own world!  The Earth Puzzle Globe has impeccably crafted, curved puzzle pieces that allow for an extremely precise fit, and are easily combined to form a solid, smooth globe.  Amazingly, this puzzle does not require any glue, and there is no interior support!  Combining fun with function, this globe is an exciting project that will become a fully operational globe.  Includes stand.  960 Pieces.  Also available as an 8.5", 540 piece puzzle.

ITEM: RV-11297
Diameter: 12" (960 pieces)
Shipping weight: 6 lbs
Price: $99.99

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The Earth Puzzle Globe
540 Pieces

ITEM: RV-11118
Diameter: 8.5" (540 pieces)
Shipping weight: 4 lbs
Price: $40.00

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