The Consulate 12" Physical Desk Globe

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Modern sophistication meets superior functionality! The Consulate Globe by Replogle Globes uses a swan’s neck-shaped acrylic base to show off its beautiful 12” illuminated globe ball. The globe ball features a physical map of the world when the light is off, but when you activate the illumination feature, the globe comes to life with each country delineated and colored. Perfect for any modern home or office setting!

The Consulate Globe from Replogle Globes features a clear acrylic base and an acrylic semi-meridian. The globe ball measures 12” in diameter, and does have a cord that protrudes from the South Pole, which must be plugged in to use the illumination feature.

Please note: All Illuminated globes have an electrical cord to power the internal light bulb. The cord is hidden in the photo, but comes out of the south pole axis point.

Diameter: 12"
Height: 16"
Weight: 6 lbs
ITEM# 85032