The Columbo
24" Blue Ocean Floor Globe

The distinct Columbo floor globe from Zoffoli Geographica features a modern European design which holds and impressively large globe. The anthracite colored steel base securely holds the aluminum colored full swing meridian.  The design of the stand and meridian allow for one to move the globe in all directions, allowing for unobstucted exploration of the entire sphere. Fully detailed poltical globe features over a thousand place names on a UV resistant, blue ocean globe ball. Cartographic detail includes labeled oceans, continents, countries, major cities and each US state.  The Columbo floor globe stands tall and proud to show off its impressive globe ball.  Made in Italy.

Diameter: 24"
Height: 51.5"
Weight: 55 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 64 lbs.

Item #ART901-60-01
PRICE:  $1,475.00

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  the Columbo 24" Blue Ocean Floor Globe


Name:  The Columbo Floor Globe by Zoffoli Geographica
Globe Type:  24" Political
Base:  Anthracite colored Steel
Meridian:  Calibrated full swinging steel meridian
Color:  Blue ocean
Illuminated:  No
Raised Relief:  No
Pros:  Contemporary design
1-World comment:  Made in Italy

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