The Columbo
24" Antique Ocean Floor Globe

The Columbo Antique Ocean floor globe from Zoffoli Geographica is offered in two impressive, large sizes.  Each incorporate a steel stand which feature copper and sand tone finishes which compliment the Antique Ocean pallette of the globe ball.  The 'Antique Ocean' refers to the parchment color of the oceans, while the cartography of the globe is up-to-date and current. The map detail features over a thousand place names on a UV resistant, Antique ocean globe ball.  Text labels include oceans, continents, countries, major cities and each US state.  The Columbo floor globe combines traditional aesthetics with the Antique Ocean map with a modern European design stand, making this an outstanding choice for those who can appreciate modern design as well as a nod to tradition.  Made in Italy.

Diameter: 24"
Height: 51.5"
Weight: 55 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 64 lbs.

Item #ART901-60-02
PRICE:  $1,475.00

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the Columbo 24" Antique Ocean Floor Globe


Name:b>  The Columbo Floor Globe by Zoffoli Geographica
Globe Type:  24" Political
Base:  Copper colored Steel
Meridian:  Sand colored Calibrated full swinging steel meridian
Color:  Antique ocean
Illuminated:  No
Raised Relief:  No
Pros:  Contemporary design
1-World comment:  Made in Italy

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